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Environmental claims

Our expertise

We have significant experience in dealing with the health impacts of environmental hazards including illness and injury caused by exposure to pollution. 

Braer Tanker Disaster

David was instructed to act on behalf of a farmer when in January 1993 the Braer tanker on route from Norway to Canada with 85,000 tonnes of crude oil lost engine power and ran aground on Shetland.

The large oil spill combined with high winds blowing oil onto the mainland affected the client whose farm was located close to the wreck.

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Let us help you

Contact us to find out what we can do to help

Black or Whisky Fungus

We are currently acting on behalf of residents in various areas of Scotland to take group action against Diageo for a dispute regarding black fungus on their homes which has come to be known as whisky fungus.

The black fungus, which derives its colloquial name from its link to the distillery business, is caused by release of ethanol into the atmosphere from the Diageo warehouses located in affected areas.

Residents have complained to us that that the black fungus has stained gutters, drain pipes, paint work, cars, patio furniture, and anything left outdoors. Pressure washing has proven to only be a temporary, partial solution; there is nothing they can do to stop the black fungus returning and staining their property which in turn may also result in a loss of property value.

David Short is currently acting on behalf of over 750 residents with a view to obtaining compensation for their losses past and future.

Some press coverage:

The Scotsman – 24th March 2017