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The importance of properly conducting the defence of employee claims can be seen by recent figures. Tribunal awards alone can put a business into administration, not allowing for fees that can average about £10,000 for a standard unfair dismissal hearing.

As part of our insurance package we can offer insurance cover for legal fees and any awards stemming from a tribunal hearing. This can be included as a monthly premium. At the moment employees or former employees do not have to pay to raise a claim in an employment tribunal. Now is the best time to ensure your business is fully protected from any such claims. With our insurance package we can provide you with unlimited, high quality advice, all the way through to the bitter end, all for a set monthly price.

About the team itself, the B+M Works team of employment law specialists has huge experience of representing clients in employment tribunals throughout the United Kingdom. Our team includes a Solicitor Advocate to ensure you are represented from the very start of a case to the highest court in the land. Whether it is defending a small claim by a disgruntled employee or a complex issue in front of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), you will be in safe hands.


Tribunal representation includes:

Specialist advocacy

Drafting of defence documents

Attendance at tribunal and EAT

Sheriff Court representation

Litigation specialist

Insurance available against litigation risk

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