Resolving disputes

We have an excellent track record of winning cases in the Court of Session, including the Commercial court.

We are involved in resolving high profile disputes which have been reported extensively in the media ranging from claims against the banks for mis-selling interest rates to businesses to taking on the government on planning application decisions.

Litigation experts

We pride ourselves on helping clients look at alternative methods before going to court. The team have significant experience in the field of 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' (ADR) and Mediation.

We are here to help whether it is a national or international dispute

The team offer support to businesses across Scotland in terms of litigation and mediation, where necessary we can call upon our first rate in-house Solicitor Advocates who can represent you in the Higher courts if necessary saving you additional fees.


Case Study

We recently acted for Petromena Limited on a complex cross-border dispute involving a number of jurisdictions with a Petition in the Court of Session under Section 27 of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgements Act 1982.

We acted with lawyers in Norway, London and the US on behalf for the Trustee of certain bondholders in a related action in Norway.

The total amount at stake was circa $20million.

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