Buying a home?

In an ever changing economic climate, you need a purchasing solicitor who knows the property market and how to buy in it.

Guiding you through the process

We provide advice on Home Reports, market conditions, pricing, valuation and offering strategy as well as guiding you through the conveyancing process.

From the point of offering to taking home your keys, we look after you every step of the way.

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At home

A client approached us recently to offer for a property in a popular area of Aberdeen. It had several notes of interest and the client was keen to secure the property and avoid a closing date. We used our market knowledge to advise on value and a strategy for offering in advance of any closing date. We were able to secure the property for him before any other party had the chance to offer.


A foreign investor approached us recently to assist in the purchase of an exclusive property worth over £1m in Edinburgh. He knew nothing of the Edinburgh market or purchase process. Not only did we secure the property for him, but we guided him through every element of the purchase including arranging his insurance, corresponding with his banks and organising his furniture deliveries.

And through difficult times

We acted in the purchase of a property for a client who had experienced a difficult separation and was buying her first property on her own. Her separation settlement was not as much as she had hoped and had resigned herself to renting for the rest of her life. We stepped in to help, and within 3 months we had found her a mortgage advisor, an excellent mortgage deal and she had the keys to a new home. The client said she would never forget what we did for her and her children.

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