Fatal accidents / inquiries

Our personal injury team have vast experience in pursuing fatal accident claims

The untimely loss of a loved one as a result of an accident can be completely overwhelming. As well as the natural grieving process you may also be worried about the financial impact of your loss. If someone else was at fault in causing the accident our specialist team can help you.

The legal issues surrounding fatal accident claims can be complex and demanding. We treat each case individually and are able to identify the issues that need to be addressed for a case to succeed in court.

Our desire to maximise compensation for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.


Dennis Thomson vs. Thomson Builders Ltd

We were the lead solicitors in a fatal accident claim arising from an accident at work. We represented 10 individual clients against the employer and the Swiss product manufacturer. In all but one case settlements were agreed before the cases went to court. In the case that did go to court, the father of deceased was awarded £90,000 by the Jury. The defence appealed claiming that the Jury’s award was too high and that the case should be heard by a new Jury. At the appeal the defenders argued that Jury Trials did not comply with Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights which raised the issue of incompatibility between Scots Law and European Law. As a result of this case the procedure for civil Jury Trials in Scotland has changed. The judgement also found that previous awards by Judges markedly undervalued damages in fatal claims.

Overseas cases

We are regularly instructed in claims arising from accidents overseas.

We recently represented a family of 9 individual clients in Scotland, England and elsewhere. Working closely with lawyers abroad, we were able to successfully settle the claim prior to the case going to trial.

We successfully negotiated settlement terms for the family of a deceased in a fatal claim arising from a road traffic accident in South America. Settlement terms were negotiated in the US, including trust arrangements for the children.

Super Puma

We were the lead solicitors for some of the families in the fatal claims arising from the Super Puma helicopter disaster in the North Sea in 2009.

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