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HMRC investigations into your tax affairs

Our specialist tax team can help with HMRC investigations into your tax affairs

HMRC investigations

HMRC no longer need a reason for opening an enquiry into your business or personal affairs. This means that potentially everyone is at risk of a tax investigation.

Our tax manager Jim McMahon previously dealt with investigation cases whilst with HMRC so knows how the system works and what to expect should you be unfortunate enough to be selected.

We are also aware that the costs associated with an investigation can be devastating, and even if you are successful in defending yourself against HMRC, you cannot recover your costs from them.

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How we can help

We provide, at no additional cost to you, Fee Protection Insurance for all clients for whom we have prepared a tax return which covers the cost of work should you be unlucky enough to be subjected to an investigation, meaning you at least have one less thing to worry about should you be investigated.

Let us help you

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Can I avoid an investigation by HMRC?

We can not guarantee that you will avoid investigation, but then no one can. The simple way to avoid this is to ensure that what you declare to HMRC is 100% accurate and delivered on time.

Using a professional agent will almost certainly ensure that your return is accurate and complies with the UK tax regime. HMRC do, however, carry out a number of random investigations which are, unfortunately, unavoidable. So even if you believe that there are no unusual entries in your accounts or on your tax returns, an investigation could still happen to you, but at least with us costs will be covered.

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