Registers of Scotland introduce new procedure to allow purchase/sale of land in Scotland

Emergency legislation allowing the purchase and sale of land will come into place on Monday 27 April.

23 April 2020

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On 24 March the Registers of Scotland shut their doors, and stopped accepting application for registration. This meant that it was not possible to buy or sell land in Scotland.

Earlier this month emergency legislation allowed advance notices to give some temporary protection, and allowed the Registers to introduce new procedures allowing electronic submissions of applications. These procedures will be introduced on Monday 27 April and cover the more modern Land Register. This will mean that purchases, sales and the granting of standard securities will again be possible.

While it is not yet possible to submit an application for registration in the older Sasine Register, which is simply a register of deeds, that now is relevant for only a limited number of transactions. 

For further information on this new legislation, contact Hugh Angus on or 07736 296464.



Hugh Angus