Boardroom & Projects - Service Package

Assisting you at every stage

We are aware of the pressure at board room level and the big decisions that have to be made everyday. We are there to assist you every step of the way.

Whether it be a major business reorganisation, or outsourcing a particular HR project, we are here to meet your needs, and make it work for your organisation.

Our blend of services means we can outsource an HR manager to you, or deal with matters in house. If payroll or tax services are required, then these can be provided alongside.

You may also wish external assistance with recruitment and selection, or a simple staff survey. 

Whatever your project needs, give us a call and let us work it out for you.

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Boardroom & Projects includes

  • Project outsourcing

  • Business reorganisation

  • HR consultancy

  • Board room support

  • External investigations

  • Disciplinary grievance hearings

  • Staff surveys

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All our HR packages are available at your request. You can take one service to suit your current needs, or arrange a variety of connected HR and payroll services to suit the business. 

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