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Preparing to Sell Your Home – Ten Top Tips

Selling your home can be hugely rewarding but requires commitment by you and requires an investment of your time and perhaps some money before you actually launch on the market. We live in very visual world and first impressions do matter particularly with the sale of your home.
Timing is hugely important – think ahead as to what the best time is to sell is i.e. Autumn and Spring are popular times to sell.  However properties do sell all year round. 
Here are 10 top tips to help you get your home ready for sale:-

Attend to the all the jobs you have been putting off such as  touching up the paint work, fixing the leaky tap, re-grouting the tiles, cleaning the windows, painting the external fabric, tidying the garden, planting shrubs and plants to add colour and definition to the garden. Finally, have the roof checked over. 

Decluttering your home and removing personal belongings is important.  Buyers like to see clutter free rooms and surfaces.  Clean lines are important.  You are selling a lifestyle as well as your home. Consider hiring a storage unit for this purpose.

Tidy out the garage.  After all a garage is for a car not for storage.

Living space is important to buyers – if you are selling a room as a bedroom, set it up as such.  Buyers like to see a room’s functionality.

Prior to the photographs being taken, add some new soft furnishing to freshen up the rooms and add some colour.

Make sure all the surface are clean and shine from top to toe, both inside and outside.

Remove pet bowls, litter trays prior to viewings and have someone walk the dog or look after the cat at viewing times. 

Tidy away large children’s toys and have the children looked after at viewing times to allow you to spend the time with your potential buyers.

Switch on lights if you have a dark room or if it’s wet and miserable outside.  Make your home look welcoming, open windows and add some fresh flowers to rooms.


Now that the odd jobs have been attended to your home is ready to be marketed.
By attending to all the odd jobs you have made your home more sellable by eliminating any negative points that the surveyor could have picked up on in the Home Report.
We can assist you with any of the tasks you feel are too much for you to do on your own.  We work closely with a range of trade’s people who can attend to all or some of the tasks for you.
For more information on our Estate Agency service and our tailored marketing package or to arrange a presale visit, please contact our property team.