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Our expert employment law solicitors are on hand to assist you with any employment law problems, whether it is during your employment or the way in which your employment has been brought to an end.

Protecting your employment rights

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We understand how important your work is to you. If you are thinking of raising a claim, or just want confirmation of your employment rights, we have a wealth of experience representing employees at all levels across many sectors of industry. We regularly advise and provide employment law advice on the following:

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Our approach

Employment law matters are sensitive and everyone’s situation is different. We will work hard with you to understand what is important to you and to guide you to your desired outcome. We will make you aware of your options and we will be up front about your prospects, but we will be ready to fight your corner.

We will usually require an initial consultation to give us the opportunity to gather information and to give you the initial information you require. We also want you to meet the person who may be looking after your claim moving forward. The cost for an initial consultation is £200+vat. For a review of accompanying documentation and follow up email after the consultation, the cost will be £350+vat.

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