Sports law

Our team of lawyers are readily available to assist players, athletes, coaches and agents faced with any legal difficulties related to their sport.

How can we help?

Our sports law team know how publicly sensitive sports law issues can be and have been regularly asked for opinions on current sports law issues. The team have provided advice to international clients and agents on the following:

Contracts of employment

Image rights

Misconduct allegations – including allegations surrounding the use of performance enhancing drugs and recreational drugs

Contract disputes arising from long term injuries

Equal opportunities

Why choose us?

Sports law issues can attract a lot of media interest and can be particularly stressful for those involved. We will work hard with you to understand your concerns and focus on your main objectives from any dispute. We will keep you advised of the commercial and reputational risks associated to any of the options available to you. If however it is required, we will be ready to fight your corner every step of the way.

We will usually require an initial consultation to give us the opportunity to gather information and to give you the initial information you require. We also want you to meet the person who may be looking after your needs moving forward. The cost for an initial consultation is £150+vat.

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Sports law