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Despite successive governments attempting to “simplify” the UK tax system, it remains complex and at times defies all logic. The onus is very clearly placed on the taxpayer to declare their financial position accurately and to pay the correct amount of tax by the correct date. The rules change regularly and penalties for non-compliance are applied strictly.

In addition HMRC have access to more information about each taxpayer than ever before and are becoming more sophisticated in finding errors and tackling perceived tax avoidance. The lines between carrying out sensible tax planning and straying into tax avoidance are usually clear but sometimes require careful navigation.

Scotland’s tax landscape is changing. In April 2016 the new Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT) was introduced. Click here to find out what the implications of being classified as a Scottish Taxpayer are.

We have a strong team of tax experts

We are well placed to deal with the tax affairs of UK individuals and trusts, whether they are clear-cut or include a complicated or international aspect.

If you are subject to an enquiry or investigation by HMRC it can be a worry and hassle to sort out, so let us share that problem and bring matters to a swift conclusion.

We also operate a computerised managed payroll service which could remove an administrative burden and save you money.

How we can advise you on tax affairs or HMRC

We enjoy the challenge of interpreting the tax rules and ensuring that our clients’ tax affairs are in good order. We offer:


Explaining particular tax rules and concepts


Completing your tax returns and calculating any tax liabilities


Strategic advice on setting up tax-efficient structures and transactions

Recently Jim McMahon, our tax manager was able to get tax waived for two different clients who owed HRMC monies totalling in excess of £7,000 and £11,000 respectively.

In both these cases the clients had tried personally to get HMRC to look at the matter but were rebuffed for several years.

It was only after coming to us and through Jim's expertise and knowledge of the workings of HMRC were they able to get the full amount waived.

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