Financial management

Our team of qualified and experienced accountants and tax professionals are skilled in managing finances for individuals when they no longer wish to deal with this administrative burden themselves.

How we can help you...

  • We can take on the burden of financial management providing regular, clear reports free of jargon so that you are on top of your finances rather than bogged down in them.
  • Sometimes a power of attorney has been appointed, but by the time they are needed, the attorneys themselves do not feel able, or do not have time, to deal with the necessary record keeping and financial administration on behalf of anyone else.
  • It is increasingly common for elderly and vulnerable people living alone to be targeted by plausible scams and fraudsters and this causes worry and distress as well as financial loss.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and accommodating to elderly and vulnerable clients and we provide home visits at no extra charge.

Our package of services is bespoke to each client

  • Self Assessment returns and other tax matters

  • Reviewing and renewing appropriate insurances and cancelling those not required

  • A full review of income to ensure that all benefit and pension entitlements are being claimed

  • A full review of expenditure and advice on cost-efficient ways to manage bills

  • A review of banking arrangements to ensure that surplus cash is not exposed to bank failure

  • Paying bills including household bills, odd jobs, carers and nursing home fees

  • Record keeping – we can clear you home of the clutter of confidential papers and keep them organised on our files for when they are needed

  • Interpreting the increasingly complex reports from investment managers and ensuring a line of communication with them is maintained

  • Form – filling, for example if you wish to apply for a Blue Badge or make a claim on an insurance policy to pay for care

  • Cancelling unwanted junk mail

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