Having a properly drafted Will is your opportunity to record your wishes in relation to the succession to your estate on your death. It is wrong to assume that the Laws of Succession which apply when you die intestate (without leaving a Will) will necessarily reflect your wishes.

The absence of a Will can create additional costs and and can result in delays in the administration of your affairs.

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Executing a will

Each Will is bespoke to your particular requirements. It is a very personal document recording your wishes. We therefore take extra care in discussing your requirements to make sure that these can be addressed. These are ascertained during a full discussion about your family situation, your financial position, your wishes and the many options available.

A word of warning

Don't be tempted to use a home made or off the shelf Will

There are a number of organisations and websites offering these for a fixed fee or providing standard documents for your completion. These often create uncertainty and are at worst invalid.

What you need to consider when making a Will 

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