Jim McMahon

Tax Manager

Private Client

About Jim

I started my tax career with HMRC or Inland Revenue as it was back then, and spent many years there before branching out into private practice and industry before joining Balfour+Manson in October 2000.

Outside of the office my interests include golf and football, and as a volunteer coach and secretary of a local youth football club my tax experience means I get to deal with all HMRC matters such as Gift Aid reclaims.

Specialist area

I head up the Tax department dealing with the day to day tax issues that clients face. The experience gained from having been involved in tax for over 35 years enables me to advise on a wide range of tax issues, ranging from the completion of tax returns to more complex investigation cases. 

Whilst the main focus of my work is on personal tax, the knowledge gathered over time enables me to advise on a variety of taxes. My previous experience with HMRC, latterly doing accounts investigations, gives me an insight into how HMRC think and operate which can often be invaluable, particularly in disputes with HMRC. 

I also operate a complete computerised payroll system for client’s handling all regulatory issues associated with running a payroll including the payment of wages, provision of forms, and more importantly under HMRC’s new system, the filing of all records online.