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Playlist for Life: Sally Magnusson

The Playlist for Life charity, founded by Sally Magnusson aims to make it possible for every person with dementia – whether in their own home or in a care setting – to have access to a playlist of personally meaningful music from their past life, delivered via an iPod. There is mounting evidence that if people with dementia are offered frequent access to the music in which their past experience and memories are embedded, it can improve their present mood, their awareness, their ability to understand and think and their sense of identity and independence.
Our Welfare team have been working with Sally and the Playlist for Life charity. Jo Downie and Fiona Shand are working closely with some of our clients with dementia and their families to compile playlists and to ensure that they have the requisite equipment to listen to their music either in the care home or in their own homes.  
Sally appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss dementia and her new book ‘Where Memories Go’ which documents Sally’s own experiences with her mother and dementia. To view the interview on the BBC click here
To learn more about Playlist for Life and the work the team are doing please visit www.playlistforlife.org.uk