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Scotland is the fastest place to sell a home in Britain

Information published by Zoopla has shown that Scotland is the fastest country in Britain to sell a home at an average of 39 days. This is less than the average across Britain which has increased 3 days on last year to 50 days. 
Indeed there are vast variations for the average time to sell across Britain and not always as you would expect. For example, in the ever booming London property market, the average time to sell a property is 58 days. This is 8 days above average and almost three weeks longer than in Scotland. Off course the inflated prices may impact on this, however it is still a somewhat surprising statistic. 
The survey taken by Zoopla also found that 55% of people believe that it would take over two months to sell their home. Particularly in Scotland, this is a vast over-estimation. Indeed, as at October 2018 the average number of days to secure an offer in Edinburgh was the lowest in all of Britain at just 22 days. This was closely followed in second place by Glasgow with an average of 27 days. Therefore, now is possibly as good a time as ever in Scotland to get your property on the market and sold.