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Coronavirus: Land registers in Scotland can open for business again

On 24 March the Scottish Government stopped people from being able to deal in property, as they stopped accepting original hard copy applications for registration.  There were some limited exceptions, which did not protect purchasers properly.  Now this Bill published on 31 March  allows the Registers of Scotland to publish rules on their web site allowing transactions to start again.

They are to publish rules allowing electronic copies of deeds to be sent in electronically rather than originals being required.  This should work well for purchasers and lenders.  Depending on the rules it could work very easily for us all.

There is also a technical provision where advance notices that have already been submitted are to last until 10 days after the Registers reopen normally, to protect existing transactions.

Some of us would be quite happy if the rules allowing electronic submission of applications stayed in place after the current emergency.

If you have any queries on this or any other aspect of the Bill please contact us.