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Slips and trips

Our personal injury experts will help with your accident claim.

Our expertise

Whether you’ve been injured in a public place such as a park or footpath or a premises owned by a business, such a supermarket or shop, if they are at fault for your accident we can help. 

Businesses have insurance in place to deal with situations where you have been injured on their premises.

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Some hepful points to consider

  • Report your injury to the Local Authority or business

  • Note details of any witnesses

  • Take photos of the scene if possible

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries

Case studies

Accident on path within a park

We acted for a client who injured her ankle when walking her dog through a park. The path was littered with potholes and out client tripped on one of them. The park and path was owned and maintained by the Local Authority who initially denied liability and blamed the local hospital.

The footpath was popular with hospital residents and therefore ought to have been a priority for the local authority to inspect and repair. Negotiations led to an acknowledgment of this and damages were paid to our client. 

Accident at out of school club

As our client was collecting her child from an out of school club she tripped on a hole on the path at the entrance to the out of school club building. She sustained a fracture to her foot.

We recovered £10,000 for our client including a payment towards loss of enjoyment of her pre-planned holiday as she was unable to partake in the activities planned as a result of her injuries. 

Accident in supermarket

Our client tripped on a bucket of water left in front of the flower stand by a member of staff. The bucket was the same colour as the mat it was placed on, making it difficult to see. Liability was disputed by the supermarket on the basis that the mat was a different colour to the bucket and a member of staff had not left it there.

With photos, we were able to prove that the mat they referred to was new and not the one in situ at the time of the accident. The supermarket agreed to pay our client damages for the incident. 

Accident on public road

Our client tripped on a pothole whilst crossing the road. The Local Authority denied responsibility on the basis that it was not present at the time of their last inspection. We contacted several neighbours in the area and we were able to gather witness evidence to prove that the pothole was indeed present at the Local Authority’s previous inspection and that they had failed to notice it or take action.

Our client received damages for her sprained wrist and fractured ankle in the sum of £10,000.