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Despite strict Health and Safety legislation, workplace accidents still occur on a daily basis due to employers not taking their health and safety responsibilities seriously. We have been involved in a wide range of cases relating to accidents or illness in the workplace ranging from catastrophic injuries and industrial disease to stress related matters.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident in the last three years contact our team to discuss the best way forward.

Some helpful points to consider:

  • Establish if there were any eye witnesses and if so make a note of their names and addresses

  • Report it immediately to your line manager

  • Ensure that an accident report is completed and submitted to your employer as soon as possible after the accident

  • See your GP or go to A&E at your local hospital to ensure your injuries can be confirmed at a later date

  • Take photos of the scene as soon as possible after your accident

Examples of some recent cases

Legionnaires Outbreak 2012

Partner David Short handled a civil claim on behalf of the family for one of the victim’s who died from the legionnaire's outbreak in Edinburgh in 2012. David fought hard to determine who was responsible for the UK’s largest outbreak of legionnaires and for Scots Law to be brought in line law in England and Wales in terms of the Health & Safety Executive having the power to prosecute.

Read full story here

Claim against Aberdeen Council

We helped a client who sustained a high level spinal injury rendering him tetraplegic, no ability to move any part of his body, other than his head. He is completely paralysed and needs high level 24 hour care. He also had to have his house modified. Liability was never admitted so a lot of work was done identifying experts to provide supportive reports. The case settled for a 7 figure sum in favour of our client.

Claim against a construction company

Our client sustained a serious head injury when a piece of machinery at work fell on his neck, causing a high level fracture leaving him tetraplegic. He was hospitalised for several months and then had to come home to a custom built bungalow (paid for by the defenders insurers) due to the severity of his accident. We were able to recover £3.9m in damages given the life changing event for our client and his family.

Stockline Explosion Glasgow

This case arose out of a massive gas explosion, resulting from a gas leak at the Stockline Plastics factory. The team led by partner David McIntosh acted for 15 of the claimants.

Working on behalf of the Educational Institute Scotland (EIS)

We have worked with the Educational Insitute of Scotland (EIS) for over 35 years. They are Scotland’s largest teaching union who represent over 80% of the teaching profession. Balfour+Manson assist the union to get the right results for their members.

From personal injury claims and employment tribunals relating to stress through to issues of assault in the classroom, our renowned and experienced litigation team have been on hand to safely guide EIS members through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

In 2011, David McIntosh helped a teacher get a record settlement of £240,000 as a result of successfully pursuing a stress at work claim.

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