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Road traffic accidents

Our personal injury specialists will help you get maximum compensation.

Our expertise

Making a claim for compensation can seem like a daunting prospect but our experienced team of specialists are able to guide you through the process. 

No matter how minor or severe your injuries are, we understand that they are personal to you.

Each case is assessed on an individual basis and we ensure that our desire to get the best outcome for our client is at the heart of what we do.

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Types of road traffic accidents

We handle a large volume of claims arising from car/road traffic accidents. Our team work on a wide range of cases from minor injuries to cases of a fatal or catastrophic nature and have successfully claimed for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

We also have experience of claims involving foreign jurisdictions and foreign nationals.

  • Did your accident occur within the last three years?
  • Was someone else responsible for the accident?
  • Did you suffer an injury?

If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to the questions above then contact our specialist lawyers to discuss your potential claim.

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Whiplash claims

One of the most common types of injury after a car accident is whiplash. Symptoms can include neck stiffness, headaches, dizziness, back/shoulder pain and difficulty swallowing.

It can sometimes take days for the symptoms to develop however it is advisable to seek medical attention from a GP or hospital as soon as possible so the best course of treatment can be recommended and your injuries can be confirmed at a later date.

Case studies

Motorcycle accident

When we acted for a client who was injured on his motorcycle, liability was disputed by the car driver who had entered into our client’s path from a side junction. The defender alleged that our client had overtaken another car who was giving way to the defender at the time.

We raised a court action on behalf of our client which resulted in a settlement at the top end of our valuation with damages being recovered for his injuries which included abrasions resulting in scarring, as well as the costs of damage to his clothing and watch.

Our client worked as a personal trainer and required to cancel his clients whilst injured. We recovered the loss in wages for him also. 

Child pedestrian

We acted for the mother of a child who was struck whilst crossing the road at temporary traffic lights. He suffered soft tissue injuries, abrasions and most notably severe psychological distress. Liability was denied by the driver’s insurance company. With some lengthy investigations, CCTV from a local garage was obtained which assisted to reverse the liability decision. Treatment was arranged for the child and a settlement negotiated out of court. 

Road rage incident

We acted for a client who was the victim of a road rage incident. The third party driver cut in front of our client’s vehicle and attempted braked harshly. He then followed our client in his car in an attempt to intimidate him. At one stage the third party driver exited his car and kicked our client’s car and reached through the window to assault him.

Our client sustained whiplash from the emergency braking required on more than one occasion to avoid a collision with the third party driver. The third party driver’s insurers disputed that they could be responsible for such an incident.

After preparing for court and further negotiations, a settlement was agreed with our client receiving damages for his injuries.

Split liability offer resulting in full liability outcome

We acted for a client who was travelling to work in his car. As he was exiting a roundabout, the third party driver attempted to also exit the roundabout in the wrong lane and collided with our client’s car. The third party insurers disputed that their insured driver was in the wrong lane. They offered settled on a 50/50 liability basis. A court action was raised to ensure our client did not have to accept any fault for the accident.

After a visit to the accident location, considering both parties routes and recreating the incident, we were able to prove to the insurers that our client was not to blame and he agreed damages at the full amount he was entitled to.

Accidents with overseas elements

We handle several road traffic claims involving foreign jurisdictions. We recently worked with 9 individual clients in Scotland, England and elsewhere, as the case covered multi-jurisdictional issues. This required close liaison with lawyers abroad. We were able to settle the claim prior to the case going to trial.

We also settled a £1 million case in the Court of Session for an overseas client who suffered a severe accident on the A9 in Scotland which killed all the other passengers in the car.


We have strong working relationships with other European law firms through our involvement in Parlex (an alliance of European lawyers established since 1971). Our sole Scottish membership means we have instant access to specialist legal advice in foreign jurisdictions.

We also settled a £1 million case in the Court of Session for an overseas client who suffered a severe accident on the A9 in Scotland which killed all the other passengers in the car.

What our clients say about us

Quickly concluded a negotiated a good amount with the conditions requested. 

I was involved in an accident one night while coming home from work, on my motorcycle. A taxi driver came out of a side road and took me out, there was damage to my leg and equipment that kept me from working for 6 weeks, of which at the time was as a self-employed personal trainer. The driver who knew he was in the wrong initially, then went back on his word and contested this, but the good folks at Balfour and Manson really fought my case and got me a settlement outcome I would have never expected. 

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