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Our Private Client team can help if you have been nominated as a Power of Attorney

If you are a nominated Attorney under a Power of Attorney and are finding the task of entering into the active administration of an adult's affairs a daunting prospect then there is help to hand.

It is important to remember that your appointment is due to your closeness to the adult and the fact that they are comfortable entrusting you with overall responsibility for their affairs. You may feel that you lack the necessary financial and business skills to adequately carry out that task but you are able to delegate much of the administrative function to those who have these skills. Your job is primarily to ensure that what is required to be done in the interests of the adult is actually carried out. You don’t actually have to do everything yourself.

The website of the Office of the Public Guardian has a useful link outlining some of these responsibilities as does the Scottish Governement's website outlining the relevant Code of Practice for Attorneys.

If you need assistance in interpreting the regulations and in advancing the administration then do let us know. Apart from providing more general advice in this area we are also able to offer the following services which may be of assistance to you:

Power of Attorney administration

We offer a fully comprehensive service managing the financial affairs of an adult dealing with the settlement of all of their ongoing expenses and controlling bank accounts often liaising with Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers to draw down funds from investments as required.

Client welfare

We offer what we understand to be a unique service in providing additional welfare support to our clients in areas which are not seen as traditional for a legal firm. These services nevertheless are invaluable in ensuring that the wider interests of the adult are appropriately addressed and met which can be of particular assistance to Attorneys who may struggle with time, geographic and other logistical constraints. We can source appropriate care home placements ensuring a supported move in a sensitive manner. We can follow this up with regular visits to monitor welfare liaising with the Care Home Professionals and GPs as required. Our service will provide an Attorney with support in a vast variety of areas where that additional help is required. You just need to ask. We are likely to be able to offer assistance in some form or other. Find out more


Our tax team provide a comprehensive service to Attorneys in dealing with the tax affairs of an adult

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