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World Sepsis Day

Sepsis is an incredibly serious illness whereby a person’s immune system launches an attack on the body’s own tissues and organs in response to an infection. It is a life-threatening but sadly common condition with an unacceptably high mortality rate, affecting millions of people every year. It is now estimated that more people die from sepsis each year than from cancer. Raising awareness of the condition, and funding of research over recent years, has led to a better understanding and improved outcomes, but the struggle continues.

At Balfour+Manson, we have successfully recovered damages for bereaved relatives and patients who have suffered from the devastating and ongoing impact that a life-altering illness like sepsis can have. We’re here to help mitigate that impact for our clients, to support them in achieving the best possible outcomes for their health and lifestyle in the future.

For more information, contact us on medicalnegligence@balfour-manson.co.uk